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March 14, 2017
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March 14, 2017

Match eyeglass frames to your face


Do you ever wonder why some glasses look fabulous on you, and others look a bit ‘blah’? Chances are, you might not be taking into account your face shape when picking the perfect pair. Fear not, finding the perfect pair is a breeze with our expert tips to finding the right frames to flatter your face.

Face Shape

First things first, you’ll need to work out your face shape.
  1. Tie or pin your hair up away from your face.
  2. Stand in front of a mirror.
  3. Draw an outline of your face on the mirror using a lipstick, soap bar or whiteboard marker.Use the shape you’ve drawn in the mirror to determine whether you have an oval, round, heart or square shaped face using the picture below.

Using the guidelines outlined above, you can find out which style best compliments the shape of your face.


Your face is longer and your width is proportionally narrow to the length. The area from forehead to your jaw is fairly evenly proportioned.

Best styles: Lucky you! You can choose just about any style, however if you’re concerned with balancing a longer face – go for a wide pair of patterned frames.

Styles to avoid: There’s not too much that you can’t pull off, but some oversized frames may be overpowering for narrow faces.


The middle of your face is the widest point, and your face’s width is fairly similar to its length. Your face is closer to a shape of a circle.

Best styles: Angular and geometric frames are striking against the natural curvature of your shape. There are many square or rectangle shapes that will suit you including rimless lens styles, for you it’s about balancing the size of the frame to your overall face size. Additionally, oversized frames can also help to create the illusion of a smaller face.

Styles to avoid: Circular shaped lenses may not be the best choice as they can exaggerate the roundness in your face.


Your forehead is broader than your chin, which is narrow in comparison.

Best styles: You’d look best in rounded sunglasses that curve along the bottom edge. Think aviators and butterfly or cats eye shapes to elongate and balance your face shape.

Styles to avoid: Any styles that run straight across the top. A strong horizontal line can broaden your forehead disproportionately to the rest of your face.


Your jaw width is similar to the width of your forehead, and your jaw is strong and square.

Best styles: Flattering styles for your face type are rounder and softer frames like aviators, small retro round or large round shape or a rounded base cat’s eye style are ideal.

Styles to avoid: Strong geometric frames can make your face look more angular. For this reason, it’s best to stick with the rounder and soft curved shapes.

Just remember that these are only guidelines and that the best determinant for what looks best on you, is what makes you feel confident!

Nose bridge

If you have a lower nose bridge height, lower bridged frames are now available. These frames sit far more comfortably, and it’s well worth asking about these frame designs when you visit your Optometrist.

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