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March 14, 2017
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Optician in West Oak Trails

Affordable optician in West Oak Trails

Getting your eye exams and quality eyeglasses and frames in West Oak Trails is now just a phone call away. Vision problems can affect anyone, anywhere, and any time of the day. Some eyesight problems are genetic and some are not. Genetic eyesight problems start at an early age, while common ocular problems just come because of cellular degradation as we age.  They can aid in detecting these problems before they become worse.

An extensive eye examination should at least last an hour if conducted by a licensed optician. Eye examinations differ depending on the optician that you are consulting, although the tests also have a common ground.

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– Serious discussion with your optician regarding eyesight needs and other overall health issues and standard way of living.
– Checking of any previous or most recent spectacle worn.
– Finding out your normal vision range by letting you read using your naked eye.
– Using different lenses to determine if you are a suitable candidate for eyeglasses or contact lenses.
– The optician must make sure that you can see well given any distance, far distance, nearer, or reading distance.
– Looking for any other ailments that may affect your vision (like hypertension, diabetes, and cataract).
– Ascertaining if your eyes can effectively work with each other.

Some examples of common eye tests used by opticians are the following:

– Retinoscope – this is used produce a reading of your prescription, this can then be adjusted.
– Tonometer – a device that counts the internal pressure of the eye. This is regularly used to persons who are more than the age of 40 and is very useful for people with a potentiality to develop glaucoma, an illness of the optic nerve.
– Visual Fields Screener – this is to measure your field of view. This is once again an important test for Glaucoma detection, as well as other conditions.
– Colour vision tests. Most color vision defects are genetic which means you are born with the defect. It is more common in boys. Most defects can’t be corrected but may make a difference when choosing an occupation or other lifestyle choices.

If any problems with the eyes are discovered, your optician should be able to arrange for a report to be sent to your Doctor for further investigation.

At the end of the examination, the Optician will issue an up to date prescription for any spectacles that may be required. A good optician will always fully discuss the results of the eye examination, along with any recommendations that will benefit you and your eyes. He should also inform you of when you should next have another eye examination, typically annually but sometimes more often.

Some groups of people are entitled to an OHIP Eye examination (e.g. under 16’s, over 60’s) which is free. Whether you are entitled to a OHIP or have to pay for a private eye test, you test program should be the same regardless who pays the fees.

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A broad eye examination may include but is not limited to the tests mentioned earlier. Individual cases of patients, the symptoms that they show, and the discretion of the doctor involved, will have an impact on the battery of tests performed.

Eyeglasses are available through opticians. An optician designs and fits eyewear including glasses, contact lenses, aids for low vision, and many other specialized optical products.

Opticians take prescriptions from ophthalmologists and determine the best way to fill that prescription. There is no one-size-fits-all, one-stop shopping experience for eyeglasses. Every lens, whether made to fit into a frame or designed as a contact lens, is customized to fit the needs of the patient. Glasses are also a fashion accessory, so the best optical offices will have a fashion consultant on hand. This allows the patient to not only see better but look better, as well.

How Opticians Create Prescription Eyeglasses For Their Patients

An optician helps patients select from the myriad of optical products available on the market. There is a multitude of variables to this process. Some of the variables are the patient’s prescription, occupation, hobbies, sports and games they engage in, facial and ocular measurements, fashion tastes, and more.

In order to determine the best product for an individual, the optician should interview the patient at length to discover what the best solutions are for their particular needs. Once the interview is completed, the optician should have adequate knowledge of his or her patient and feel comfortable suggesting the optimum combination of frames, lenses, coatings, and other specialized treatments.

Frame Selection

The frame needs to be the right size for the patient’s physical characteristics and must be compatible with the prescription at the same time. The bridge size, eye size, and temple length must be accurately measured for a comfortable frame fit.


Eyeglass lenses come in more than one form. It used to be the optician and his patient had a choice between glass and plastic. That is still true, but now there are many different types of glass and an equal variety of plastics. Perhaps the patient would do best with crown, hilite, index 1.2 glass. Or, perhaps the patient would do better with CR-39 or polycarbonate plastic. This by no means is a full list of available materials in glass and plastic, either.

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Lens Treatments

Once the lens material is selected, the next step is to decide what lens treatment would best suit the patient’s lifestyle. The range of treatments includes an anti-reflective coating, UV coating, color coating, hydrophilic coating, mirror coating (and which color of mirror coating), and so many others.

Among the anti-reflective coatings, some are better than others. Some are easier to clean, some are more scratch resistant, and some are more expensive than others. The final selection depends, again, on how the patient uses the eyeglasses, as well as his or her budget.

An example of how lifestyle affects the choice of lens coating becomes clear when you consider a fisherman visiting an optician to get a prescription for sunglasses. The doctor must know that a polarized lens will make fishing easier and more fun for this individual. If an airline pilot comes in for prescription sunglasses, however, the doctor must know that the same polarized lens that benefited the fisherman could make it very difficult for the airline pilot to read his instruments.

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