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Best eye exam prices in Bronte

Getting a quality eye exam in Bronte is now just a phone call away. Vision problems can affect anyone, anywhere, and any time of the day. Some eyesight problems are genetic and some are not. Genetic eyesight problems start at an early age, while common ocular problems just come because of cellular degradation as we age.  They can aid in detecting these problems before they become worse.

An extensive eye examination should at least last an hour if conducted by a licensed optician. Eye examinations differ depending on the optician that you are consulting, although the tests also have a common ground.

Get an eye examination in Bronte, Oakville

When a doctor looks into your eyes, he can tell if you have eye disease, any vision related problems or other health concerns. That’s why routine exams for your eyes are important, even when you think there is nothing wrong with your eyes. It is important to get a complete eye exam, and not just a visual screening test.

Children should have their eyes checked regularly to make sure their eyes are developing normally, and to help them avoid difficulties in their academic studies. Because of eye immaturity, many children need low range reading glasses to be able to read without squinting. Adults need routine eye checkups to keep their prescription glasses up to date in order to prevent increased vision loss. It will, also, help detect eye diseases in their early stages.

Vision screening is the simple exam that is often performed by volunteers, a school nurse, a health care provider or a person at the motor vehicle department when you go to get your license. Depending on the experience of the person administering the test, they will check for blurring and muscle coordination. If they are knowledgeable, they will also be able to detect some eye diseases.

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A comprehensive exam, on the other hand, is performed by an eye doctor that will check your eyes in all aspects. Once he has the results of all of the different things he checked, he will talk with you about your options for treatment and discuss them with you. Don’t forget that your pediatrician and family physician are not qualified to do a comprehensive exam.

When the eye doctor finishes your exam, he will explain to you what you need to do. The treatment he recommends may include a prescription for eyeglasses or contact lenses, surgery of some type, a type of medical treatment or he may suggest a time for having your eyes checked again. He could, also, recommend vitamins that have to do with eye health.

If you plan to use contact lenses, be sure to tell your eye doctor before he starts the exam. He will need to do special tests that he wouldn’t normally do for a person who will be wearing glasses. Since these tests take extra time, it is, also, a good idea to tell the receptionist when you call to make an appointment.

When the eye doctor finishes examining your eyes, he will sit down with you and ask you questions about your lifestyle, whether or not you want disposables, RGP lenses or soft lenses. You will, also, need to decide if you want to change the color of your eyes with your contacts or not. If you are over 40, the doctor will explain the differences between multifocal, bifocal and monovision contact lenses.

The final step will be to measure the contact lenses so they will fit your eyes correctly. If the curvature of the lens does not fit properly, it can cause damage to your eye or cause you great discomfort.

A proper eye exam is just another step in maintaining your health. It is just as important as daily exercise and a healthy diet. Make it a habit of following your eye doctor’s instructions as to when you should schedule your next exam.

How often should you have an eye exam?

Having a regular eye exam is vital for eye health. Early detection of any vision or eye disorders is essential. This is why even a 6 month old baby should undergo an eye exam. Children will need further eye exams when they reach the ages of 3 and 6. By the time your child attends high school his or her eyes will again need to be regularly checked. Never put off having a child’s eyes examined, even if you think there is nothing wrong.

Children who have parents with vision problems are more likely to be at risk of the same disorders. Babies who are born prematurely often contract some type of eye problem long before their teens. It’s therefore of the utmost importance that their eyesight is regularly monitored.

Adults who do not have any problems with their eyes should have an eye examination every three years. This is generally sufficient unless any problem occurs before the next eye exam. Adults already wearing contact lenses or glasses must have an eye exam once a year.

Adults who are diabetic or suffer from high blood pressure must ensure that their eyes are checked every year. For people over the age of 40 it is recommended that a vision exam is done every two years. Elderly people who are more than 60 years old should definitely have a vision exam every year as they may be prone to macular degeneration, cataracts or presbyopia.

Professionals who deal with vision disorders are ophthalmologists, opticians or optometrists. Each of these is qualified in various ways. An optician is only permitted to do an eye exam and repairs to spectacles or contact lenses. An optometrist is permitted to do certain minor surgeries and to prescribe medication. An ophthalmologist is permitted to everything including major eye surgeries.

When you go for an eye exam, the person doing it will want to find out details of any eye problems in your family. He or she will then test your distant and close-up vision, your eye co-ordination and also have a good look at your eyes, externally and internally. If you wear glasses, he or she will also check the prescription of the lenses. You should be able to submit a claim on your medical insurance to cover the cost of your eye exam.

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We all try to take care of our bodies, but we often tend to neglect our eyes. Your vision needs care just as much as your other organs. Apart from having regular eye exams, we can keep our eyes healthy by eating lots of veggies and fruit and taking mineral and vitamin supplements. A lack of Vitamin A can affect the eyes badly.

It’s been proved that smokers are at risk of severe vision problems. Heavy smokers are even more at risk of total blindness or macular degeneration (this is a blind spot in the eye). To keep your eyes healthy you should seriously consider giving up your cigarettes.

Of course, many eye injuries occur due to accidents, especially in the workplace. If you work with chemicals, other hazardous substances or dangerous machines, be sure to wear the necessary eyewear to protect you in the event of an accident. Never put your eyes at risk if you can avoid it.
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