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A licensed Optometrist is a doctor of optometry who’s trained to examine and care for the eyes. They are required to have an undergraduate degree and another four years of optometry school. Upon successful completion of this four-year program, they earn their Doctor of Optometry.

Based on a patient’s overall health condition, family health history, and age the length between routine checkups or examinations may vary. Patients who have a wholesome vision and just need adjustments to their prescription may elect just to visit their Oakville optometrist annually, while elderly patients or patients with an eye disease may be advised to see their optometrist more often.

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Quite often heavy and headaches squinting can be signs of vision issues that would need an immediate visit to an optometrist. Seeing an experienced optometrist regularly throughout a patient’s lifespan is quite important to both prevent possible eye diseases from developing into serious infections and loss of vision, and to keep an optimal vision for daily living.

Children should visit an optometrist as early as 6 weeks of age to test and to ensure their vision is functioning properly, and the development their eye functions are in order. While the infants cannot respond to the test, the optometrist is trained to check for proper eye function and to determine if anything isn’t developing properly. This can be quite upsetting for both the child and their family because they don’t always consider vision being the origin of apparent developmental difficulties.

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During a patient’s adult and in their senior years it’s quite common for their vision to start to digress resulting in more cases of blurry vision, not having the ability to see also at night, and sometimes confusion. In this phase of life, particularly if the individual has already been diagnosed with a vision problem, it may be recommended to see an optometrist at a minimum of once a year to keep optimal ocular health. Since the aging continues, many optometrists will suggest that the individual take nutritional supplements to help maintain or enhance their general ocular health.

Many individuals, particularly kids, and young adults, do not often appreciate the value of seeing an optometrist until they detect a substantial change in vision or have a problem with their vision or eye health. It is, however, a good practice to schedule an appointment to see an optometrist on a regular interval merely to ensure that your vision stays on the perfect path.

When Should You Visit An Optometrist

If you have difficulty reading the billboards that are high over the streets, then it is time for you to visit an optometrist. An optometrist is a well-trained eye-care practitioner who will be able to diagnose your eye problems and recommend the best remedies for you.

A professional optometrist has years of experience and training, so you can rest assured that he or she has the capability to remedy your eye care problems. A typical optometrist works about fifty hours a week, keeping people eyes healthy.

When you have some eye-care problems, it is very important that you visit an optometrist immediately. An eye-care problem is not something that you can take it lightly. If you cannot see clearly, you should make a corrective lens or spectacle so that your eyesight will not deteriorate further.

What To Expect When Visiting An Optometrist

The moment when you enter their office, the optometrist will fix up different lenses in front of your eyes and ask you to read out the letters so that they can check your vision. Eye screening test is a must so that the optometrist will know whether you suffer from near sightedness or far sightedness. Once the optometrist has diagnosed your problem, he or she will give you the right pair of eyeglasses to wear.

Other than checking your eyesight, the optometrist will also check your depth of vision, color perception and focusing ability. If you have any one of these problems, the optometrist will offer you the necessary eye treatment. Today, there are many professional optometrists in Oakville. Most optometrists run their own private clinics. Other than optometrists, there are ophthalmologists who are specialized in treating eye diseases and performing surgeries. Although an optometrist is a well-trained eye specialist, he or she does not perform surgery. An ophthalmologist also prescribes contact lens and glasses too.

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Optometrists also offer the necessary drugs and medicines as part of your vision therapy. If you have an eye surgery before, they can provide you with postoperative care and help you to recover faster. The job of an optometrist is to look after your eyes. Therefore, you can rest assured that they will always be there for you when you have any eye problem.

Whether you’re someone who wears glasses or someone who does not, you know you’ve only got one set of eyes for your entire life so it’s important that you see an optometrist at least once a year and perhaps more often if you have specific eye problems.

Ophthalmology is a vital part of health. Beyond seeing a doctor and a dentist, you need to see an eye care professional as well. This may be an optometrist or an ophthalmologist depending on your specific circumstances

Optometrist vs. Ophthalmologist

Vision optometrists specialize in not just prescribing eyeglasses and contact lenses. They also work at proactively helping you manage your eye health. They can slow vision degeneration and ensure that your eyes are healthy. They can deal with issues like cataracts, macular degeneration, and other vision issues as well as keep your prescription for your glasses or contact up to date.

When it comes to vision, optometrists can diagnose, treat, and manage eye related issues. Whether you’re near sighted, far sighted, have astigmatism, cataracts, or are perfectly healthy but want to ensure your eyes stay that way, seeing your optometrist regularly makes sense.

A lot of people have outdated prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses. This might cause problems with your vision such as making you less able to drive well at night and it may cause headaches and unnecessary eye strain. If your contact lens or eyeglass prescription is more than a year old, it’s a good idea to see an optometrist.

Depending on where you live and what your age is, your vision optometrist’s appointment may or may not be covered by basic medical insurance but if it is not, it is very worthwhile to invest in the expense of a regular optometry appointment to be sure that you are managing your vision health adequately.

When should children have their first appointment with a vision optometrist’s office? Children’s eyes are typically looked at when they’re babies. Then, most suggest that by the time children are school-aged that they should have their eyes tested. If you think your child does have a vision related problem it is advisable to have a vision test much earlier.


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