O&O is a one-stop shop for all your vision needs. We provide comprehensive eye exams, expert advice and valuable savings on top designer brand frames, the latest in lens technology, contact lenses and eye care essentials.

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They say your eyes are the window to your soul. They certainly reveal much about your health, and so you need to include regular check-ups as part of your eye care routine, throughout your life. The earlier we detect eye problems, the easier they are to treat, particularly as we age and eye conditions become more common. Our advanced technology looks deeper to show us a much clearer picture of your eye health.

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Our goal is to provide patients with quality vision care in a warm, professional and friendly environment

We offer comprehensive vision examinations at our Oakville optometry practise and specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of a wide array of eye diseases, conditions, and problems.

The experience begins with scheduling an appointment. No referral is necessary. We offer convenient hours and you will not have to wait days or weeks for an appointment. A comprehensive eye exam begins with a thorough review of your case history. Thereafter your eye prescription is measured, your eye muscle balance is assessed and your eye health is carefully checked. Recommendations are then made and if patients require a referral to an ophthalmologist or other health care practitioner, we shall make necessary referrals.

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